Adriana Reganas

Adriana Reganas was three years old when we met her at a medical mission in Dumaguete.  She was born with club foot disorder at a local barangay (neighborhood) clinic and the local staff told her mother that there was no help for her condition.  Her mother would massage her feet and pray every night in hopes things would get better.  After we met her, we obtained a diagnosis from a local surgeon and he assisted us with getting x-rays for her feet.  We could not get the surgery done locally as the only private facility in the area was far to expensive.  We contacted the Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao that specializes in orthopedic care for indigent children in the Philippines and learned that Adriana would be eligible for surgery.  We raised the funds needed to get her and her mother to Davao for a week, and also to get there for follow-up visits after surgery.  Today Adriana is four years old, her feet are straight and she walks normally.  Now she goes to school with other children her age and has many friends and a delightful outgoing personality.  Her future is very bright!

Geormie Yanoc

Geormie is a nineteen-year-old who just graduated from high school in his hometown of Mabinay, Negros Oriental.  He was born with a soft bone disease which caused his feet to turn in and drag when walking.  He explained to us that he would fall down periodically when walking and kids had bullied him all his life.  Even his younger brother would criticize him because he could not work in the sugar cane fields to help support his family.  After meeting Geormie, we had him examined by a local surgeon who explained that Geormie could walk if he had tendon release surgery.  We were able to raise funds and take him to the Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao where he had the necessary surgery.  He is currently undergoing physical therapy three times a week at Little Children of the Philippines in Dumaguete.  He now hopes to enter college next fall to become a writer.