ryan paul1

Ryan Paul Bansi

Ryan Paul is a six-year-old boy that has had trouble walking, we have worked with him for about two years now.  He attends physical therapy twice a week and we purchased him a set of ankle and foot orthotics to keep his legs and feet straight.  He made good progress with this program, but now has developed a problem with one leg crossing over the other when walking.  The local surgeon has suggested that he have a procedure to release a couple of tendons to keep this from happening.  We plan on bringing him to Davao for this procedure in 2019.

2017.01.30 - LCP Handclasp - Terrance Macalipay (6)

Terence Macalipay

Terence is eight years old and currently in the first grade.  He was not able to walk up to 2 Years of age so his family brought him to be evaluated and he was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy.  Immediately Terence began Physical Therapy twice a week to learn to walk and gain balance.  Over the next few years his feet began to point in and he was only able to walk on his toes.  In 2017, we took Terence to a specialist which recommended full leg braces.  Unfortunately, these could not be made due to a lack of materials needed.

Terence continued to worsen and so after another evaluation, the doctor recommended surgery to lengthen his tendons in his ankles.  We raised funds and his surgery was done in May 2018 at Tebow Cure Hospital in Davao.  Since surgery, Terence has received Ankle & Foot Orthotics and has continue his Physical Therapy.  He is doing great, but he has a long way to go.  Right now, we are hoping his knees are able to be straightened our with physical therapy, but if not, Terence will need to return to Tebow Cure Hospital in 2019.   No matter the outcome, we will be there for Terence and his family.

2017.03.19 - Faith Iso at Sunday Therapy (1)

Faith Iso

Faith is now 10 years old and in the third grade.  She was born with cerebral palsy and could not walk.  She received tendon release surgery a few years ago, and we have worked with her for about two years now.  We have purchased ankle and foot orthotics for her, and she receives physical therapy two times a week.  She is making good progress and we continue to monitor her progress closely.


Ivan Cuenca

Ivan was born with cerebral palsy and is currently in kindergarten.  He currently attends physical therapy sessions twice a week and working on strength, control and balance.  We recently had him evaluated by a specialist and have ordered him a set of orthotics.  We will continue to evaluate his progress as he grows to evaluate him for surgical options.


Kevin Elloren

Kevin is six years old and he is a happy child, loved and accepted by his family. He is the 4th child of 5 siblings and was born pre-mature, and with club foot disorder. His mother said they have a relative with Club Feet and she believes Kevin inherited this condition.

Kevin shows eagerness to learn, so he is persistent about going to school and will not allow himself to be absent. Despite of his disability he has many friends and participates in class activities.  He always asked his mother if he can trade his feet so he can wear nice shoes and run fast.

Richard Raelista1

Richard Raelista

Richard is in the eleventh grade, even though he has an inborn underdeveloped leg, he strives to live a normal life like other kids.  Richard is an energetic and respectful gentleman in his community and is the fourth child of five siblings.  He is the only child in the family to attend school, he works hard on his school work and his scores are high enough for him to attend college.  He wants to become an Automotive Mechanic to help provide for his family. Richard has never seen a doctor to evaluate his condition or determine what if anything could be done to help him with his underdeveloped leg.  He has been using his current crutches for more than three years. We hope with a prothesis, Richard could live a much more normal life and become a productive member of society.

Paul John

Paul John Fabillar Balauro

Paul John is 12 years old and he is in the seventh grade.  He had just left school and was sitting on the railings of the road near Mayapusi Community High School and suddenly a fast approaching truck crashed into him and drug his body below the truck for approximately hundred meters.  The doctors tried to save his leg, but after three days, they determined it could not be saved due to a lack of blood flow and it must be amputated.

Unfortunately, John Paul’s father is not accepting him as a person and the warm family atmosphere became cold and unloving towards Paul John.  Even though the circumstances are not easy, Paul John is getting strength from his mother who promised him before his leg was amputated, that she would be his wherever he would go.  We hope to bring John Paul to Davao to be fitted for a posthetic leg in 2019.


Jorilyn Baldado

Jorilyn is a shy little girl, even though she is only nine years old, she is aware that she has different feet.  She was born with a birth defect and she has deformed feet.  It is difficult for Jorilyn to walk to school by herself, she needs assistance going and coming back home. From their house, she walks around 1 km with her mother to school every day because she is still eager to learn.  She has the will power to be whatever she wants if she could get her feet fixed. We feel sure her confidence will boost even more if she could walk properly.  We will have Jorilyn examined by the team from Tebow Hospital in February and hopefully there is a surgical option to help her.


Jepoy Calunsag

Jepoy is eleven years old, and the only one with club feet and hearing impairment in the family.  He is the youngest of the family. His teacher commented that Jepoy is smart and he can catch up with his lessons.  He knows the basic sign language. He also loves to play puzzles, write and draw. He is very excited to go to school every day.  Their house is two kilometers away from school. It is located in a rice field. His mother would carry him every day for about 10-15 minute walk while going to the main road where motorcycles and tricycles pass by. In rainy season Jepoy would be absent in school because the water in the rice field was so high they could not pass.

We will have Jepoy evaluate by the Tebow Hospital staff in February to determine the treatment for his club feet disorder.

angel marie

Angel Marie

Angel Marie is four years old and is hoping to start pre-school next year.  She is a very beautiful and happy child, but was born with cerebral palsy and can not walk.  We will be having Angel examined by  professionals from the Tebow Hospital next February and we will be developing a treatment plan then.